First Editors' Letter

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Samar and Yasmine Ziadat | March 8 2016

Welcome to dardishi and happy International Women’s Day!

As of today the zine is officially live, and we’re so thrilled to get to share it with you.

Dardishi's formation was largely inspired by all the incredible conversations we have ever had with our female Arab friends and family. The name ‘dardishi’, the feminine verb for 'chitchat' in Arabic, is not only descriptive of this, but also says a lot about the tone of the work that we publish: informal, conversational work that spurs a wider dialogue on Arab women's issues. We've always felt it a huge shame that the ideas, politics and experiences of Arab women are going largely unarchived. We believe that this is unfortunately because we live in a time where the media (both Arab and Western) does not represent us. We aim that through this magazine, the thoughts, feelings and talents of Arab women can be showcased and celebrated.

We've known for years that we wanted to create a platform like dardishi, but we didn’t quite know what it would look like and how it would function – and we’re still figuring it all out. What we do know is that we very urgently need to speak out, and on our own terms.

We feel incredibly proud, and very lucky, to have such a creative team of contributors who have trusted us with their work and dedicated their time and energy to this project. Thank you to everyone that's supported us on this exciting journey and we hope that you enjoy what we've published so far. Get exploring!

To progress, change and supporting one another,

Samar and Yasmine Ziadat

Editors and Co-founders

You should pitch an idea! The work you submit does not necessarily have to be directly related to your experience as an Arab/North African womxn, but you must be both Arab/North African and a womxn to publish on dardishi. Yallah, send your work along to – we can’t wait to see it!

Samar Ziadat