We're Crowdfunding!

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What are we crowdfunding for?

Dardishi Festival is a community-focused artistically ambitious festival that showcases the cultural production of Arab womxn* at CCA Glasgow. The Festival is born out of this website, which is an online publication run by Arab womxn that exclusively platforms art, music and writing by Arab womxn. The publication was launched in March 2016 with the aim of strengthening creative collaboration between Arab womxn, providing positive and diverse representation of Arab womxn in the arts, and creating opportunities that support and develop Arab womxn’s professional and creative practices – aims that will be carried into the Festival.

Dardishi Festival 2019 will take place on March 8th, 9th and 10th 2019, which is International Women’s Day weekend and Dardishi’s 3 year anniversary. Arab womxn will engage with the Festival as freelance staff, volunteers, audience members, and artists and cultural practitioners whose work we will showcase. Programming for Dardishi Festival 2019 spans, but is not limited to, performance, film, live music, workshops and discussions. Dardishi’s first print issue publication will also be launched on the opening night (for which separate funding will be obtained).

*Our use of the term womxn includes non-binary and intersex people and trans women.

Why is our work important?

With the rise of right-wing politics in Europe, and the widespread racism, homophobia, anti-refugee, anti-immigrant and anti-migrant rhetoric in the mainstream British press, we feel this is an especially pertinent time to be holding such a festival. Within this increasingly hostile political climate, Arab women face oppression through gender discrimination and racism, and those who are queer and disabled face further marginalisation. 

On a personal level as Arab womxn, and in a professional capacity as curators, programmers, art directors, artists, journalists, cultural critics, academics and activists, we know that art and culture has a huge potential to positively influence communities’ collective well-being. 

Through the festival, dardishi aims to:

- strengthen political solidarity and creative collaboration between Arab women/non-binary people
- empower Arab women/non-binary people by providing a platform for their cultural production
- promote diversity, inclusion, accessibility and equality for all Arab women/non-binary people in the arts
- combat racist, homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric through positive and diverse representation of Arab women/non-binary people
- provide opportunities that support and develop Arab women/non binary people’s professional and creative practices
- introduce Glaswegian audiences to art and culture that they would have not been exposed to previously

Why donate?

Starting a festival is expensive, and we will have lots of costs to cover over the course of the project. Your financial support will help us cover essential costs such as: artist fees, travel expenses for our volunteers, salaries for our freelancers (such as a photographer and British Sign Language Interpreter), and the costs of printing and distributing posters, programmes and promotional leaflets. Your public support for what we are trying to do, whether you are donating towards our campaign or sharing it with your friends, will also demonstrate a demand for our project and work to potential future funding bodies and sponsors.

How you can donate:

You can visit our online crowdfunding campaign here.

Illustration by Samar Ziadat.

Samar Ziadat