Dardishi x Document


Permissible Dreams is a joint venture between Document Festival 2018 and Dardishi Festival 2019. The publication ties together a strand of Palestinian short films screened at Document 2018 with writing produced by the womxn of Dardishi. 

We invited submissions from Palestinian womxn that reflect on the idea of a Palestinian archive, particularly from a feminist point of view. We welcomed a wide variety of approaches that explore what an archive might be, what forms it might take, and how it might relate to the preservation of histories, cultures and identities that exist under conditions of exile and occupation. This could range from intimate reflections around personal narratives or family histories, to wider critiques of collective memory and historical erasure. What we ended up with is a stunning collection of photographs, poetry, personal essays and field research that truly reflects the thoughts and feelings of Palestinian womxn today.

*Our use of the term womxn includes non-binary and intersex people and transwomen.

Document Human Rights Film Festival
30 November – 2 December 2018 at Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow

Document Festival is Scotland’s international human rights documentary film festival, established in 2003. It provides a unique platform that attracts Scottish, British and international documentary filmmakers and promotes local and international discussion, cultural exchange and education. By screening the best of recent and historical human rights documentaries, Document is a crucial space for the visibility and consideration of documentary film as an art form and social practice. Recognised at home and abroad, they work with many local, national and international organisations and are members of the Human Rights Film Network.

Over the last 15 years, Document has screened over 600 films, promoting an expansive understanding of human rights to include subjects such as immigration & asylum, women’s rights, war and conflict, self-determination, racism, LGBT rights, miscarriages of justice, eviction, poverty, social exclusion, workers/unemployed rights, mental health & social care, young and older people, human trafficking, indigenous cultures, environmental concerns, global policies and their local consequences, Roma gypsies and travellers, HIV/AIDS, drug trafficking and addiction and disability issues.

Dardishi Festival

8 – 10 March 2019 at CCA Glasgow

Dardishi Festival is a community-run artistically ambitious festival that celebrates and showcases Arab and North African womxn’s contributions to contemporary art and culture at CCA Glasgow. The Festival is born out of Dardishi.com, an online publication run by Arab and North African womxn that exclusively platforms art, music and writing by Arab and North African womxn. Dardishi Festival 2019 will take place on March 8th, 9th and 10th 2019, which is International Women’s Day weekend and Dardishi’s 3 year anniversary. Programming for Dardishi Festival 2019 includes poetry, performances, film screenings, live music, talks, workshops, and panel discussions from cultural practitioners. Dardishi’s first print issue publication will also be launched on the opening night.

‘Dardishi’, the feminine verb for ‘chitchat’ in Arabic, is indicative of the tone and content of the work we produce – collaborative work that spurs a wider dialogue on Arab womxn’s issues. Through our Festival, we aim to strengthen creative collaboration between the womxn in our community, provide positive and diverse representation of Arab and North African womxn in the arts, and create opportunities that support and develop our professional and creative practices.


Arwa Aburawa is a London-based writer and documentary filmmaker with an interest in environmental and social issues. She is currently thinking a lot about sleep, maps, Sven Lindqvist and whether it’s a coincidence that a lot of her favourite people are illustrators. You can reach her at arwafreelance@gmail.com.

Suzan Daana is a researcher and coordinator at the Palestinian Digital Archive at Birzeit University in Palestine (www.awraq.birzeit.edu). She graduated with a masters in Political Research from the University of Aberdeen, a masters in Democracy and Human Rights from Birzeit University, and a BA in English Literature from Damascus University. Previously, she’s worked at the Women’s Center in Shu’fat, Jerusalem. Suzan can be reached by email at: sdaana@birzeit.edu.

Darah Ghanem is a journalist, curator and multidisciplinary artist of Palestinian origin currently based in the Middle East. She has a passion for documentary projects, archiving as a form of storytelling, and challenging narratives about the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. She carries an MSc in SocialResearch and BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Bath in the UK. You can reach her at arwafreelance@gmail.com.

Julie-Ann Robertson is an Arab-South African writer, poet and video producer. Having lived in eight different countries, Julie-Ann is dedicated to shining a light on humanity’s better parts, as well as giving a voice to the beautiful reality of what it is to be an Arab woman in the world today. You can find her work on her Instagram @jar8694.

Alice S. Yousef is a Palestinian blogger and emerging poet who has published short stories, poetry and translations in local and international journals. She holds an MA in writing from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) and is a fellow of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program (United States). She is currently working on her first volume of poetry. She tweets @Aliceyouse.


Samar Ziadat