Dardishi Festival 2019 took place for the first time on March 8-10 2019 at CCA Glasgow. Over the course of International Women's Day weekend, we attracted over 200 audience members to our events, which included the launch of our first print zine, 3 workshops, 2 live music events, and 4 film screenings – all lead by Arab and North African womxn artists and creative practitioners.

The two films I saw were fantastic, shocking, profound and beautifully made, and I hope they get as much screening as possible.
I’m just being greedy, but I wish this festival lasted more than three days!
I am very appreciative of the sliding scale system - if it were not for it I would probably not have had the opportunity.
As a deaf woman I want to go to events that are accessible, and have the same choice and freedom as hearing people. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part.
Really brilliant Festival! Not many chances to see Arab queer content in Glasgow, so I loved this.
What an amazing festival Dardishi was. A chance to see art you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.
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Thank you to those who donated to our crowd-funder and to our partners and collaborators for your trust, support and encouragement.